Sunday, April 12, 2009


On Saturday, the MSCD Stage Movement Class performed their second performance of the semester--the Clownlympics! It was a blast to see how they presented events using only movement and posture. The rules for the Clownlympics were as follows:
1) No speaking! (sound ok)
2) No props or costumes.
3) Make the event clear--we should be able to tell what's happening. Funny is a bonus.
4) It should be an event that clowns would perform at the Clown Olympics.

Highlights included:

  • a vivid obstacle course with clowns as athletes and obstacles
  • clown gangstas with appropriate hand signals
  • rebellious hurdles that want to get in the game
  • clowns trying to impress the girl
  • Jessica E.'s stellar (!) crucifix rolls

Good job, everyone--I can't wait till the Seuss finals! ~Jenn

Pictured: The Ornery Hurdles piece with coach, athlete, and cheerleader; tug-o'-war with the Star-Faced Clowns. Taken 4/11/09 in class.

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