Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We have a winner!

The first annual IGAGI Awards are hereby concluded, and the winner is...

Dracula Stabbing!

The great ideas in this heinous stage combat debacle include:
1.) Using a real knife onstage. Why oh why do directors continue to think this is a good idea?
2.) All the legality issues. Weapons need to be registered with campus police, which they didn't do. They were legally employees of the scool at the time of the injury. Or not. But yeah, they were. Or were they volunteers? Etc.
3.) What the heck is Dracula doing getting killed with a bowie knife?? Don't you kill vampires with stakes, or sunlight? Isn't a knife incongruous to the storyline?

Even though this event happened more than ten years ago, it's worthy of the first of the IGAGI awards. Er, congratulations?


MarcusP said...

Actually, a Bowie knife is used to dispatch the Count in the final pages of Stoker's novel, though I can't vouch for this stage adaptation....

Bonzuko said...

Ah yes, you are so right. I was only thinking film and theatrical productions. Thanks for bringing me back to literature. :)

But it still shouldn't have been a *real* one! :)