Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diviners Movement

So I went and helped out with the MSCD production of The Diviners yesterday--colleague Jay asked for help with the drowning scene. Remember way back last May when I ranted here about how you should never have slow-motion fights onstage? Well...

Okay, for one thing, this wasn't a fight but a drowning scene. For another thing, the slow-motion bits were choreographed to happen only when the character(s) were underwater. This is one instance where the slow-motion not only looks cool, but is actually the strongest choice for the scene. It even makes sense! I mean, you do basically move in slow motion when you're underwater, don't you?

And it was Brian K. and Ben C. as the two mime-swimmers, so of course it's looking way awesome. Those two are both quite talented physical actors. One basic movement thing that added to the illusion: keeping the arms up. For some reason, it added to the floaty imagery, and took away any betraying solidity in the actors' movements.

Closing note: it's really hard to do a slow-motion back roll with no hands! Also hard to do a complete crouch-to-stand-and-back-again on one foot!

(sorry no images--I'm sure there's some rights issues or something.) :)

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