Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stunts are Dangerous.

This from the Boston Herald:

Flame on for Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris had a very close call with a tuxedo that caught on fire while rehearsing his hosting gig for the TV Land Awards the other night. E! Online reported that while the “How I Met Your Mother” star practiced a stunt with remote packs secured to his back to emanate a cloud of smoke, the apparatus ignited while Harris tried to change from his “Survivor” island-dweller rags into the tux. Thankfully, Harris was not hurt too badly. “He just had some welts on his back,” said a spy. “He didn’t have to be taken to a hospital or anything like that.”

This is also why squibs are so dangerous: having a structure that fires or smokes or something similar strapped so closely to the body can really mess you up if, okay, when it misfires. We are glad Harris didn't have to go to Doogie Howser but is okay.

Hm, dare we nominate this for the 2010 IGAGI Awards?
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