Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Latin

memento mori
- remember that you must die.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

One Year Has Come and Gone

Aw, man, I can't believe it! Yesterday (Thursday the 28th) was the one-year anniversary of Daily Cross-Swords! And did I post anything then? No. :sigh:
Well sorry about that, lovely lurkers. Anyway, this blog is officially one year old! Celebrate with a festive beverage, go back to post one and read it like a novel!

By the way, here's some sychronicity: last year, we were getting all excited for our first Advanced Stage combat class. Last year, it was advanced Unarmed and Taihenjutsu. This year, it's Lightsabers. What a long strange year it's been...
Image is of Ken and Nick in last year's Advanced class.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday's Exciting Event

It's going to be the last Friday of the month again, and that means it's Test Night at the BQC!

Bonzuko's own Jenn will of course be there, this time doing her test demo which takes place on a bus! Come see! Potluck after!

When: Friday May 29, 2009 at 6pm
Where: The Boulder Quest Center
Image is from last month's test: Jenn and Kim doing a back-to-back joint free response. Good times.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Movement Pic

It's time again for a dip into the Bonzuko photo archive, ready?
Ah, yes: Jenn recently rediscovered the Play Ground Theatre company through the wonders of facebook, and so the pictures from her various play work with them are popping up everywhere. This one is from In The Night Room, a take on Where the Wild Things are. This is Jenn doing a big X-jump as she introduces herself as the "funny monster," Fudrucker. She was 16 in this pic.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Farewell to Mr. Falls

Jeff has been one of my favorite folks to beat up at the Boulder Quest Center, and now he's off to do missionary work. So close to your TSD black belt, man! And we had what would have been the funniest demo ever performed there all set up. Darn, we should have filmed it that evening, huh? Ah well. :) We'll miss Jeff and his lovely fiancee Victoria very much. Here's to you guys. God bless. ~Jenn
Image is Jeff and Jenn in their interactive version of the Sentoshi Sword Series, Part One. See this link for full video.

Random Latin

post meridiem
- after noon (P.M.)


Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Arthur Conan Doyle

We are big Sherlock Holmes fans here at the Bonzuko hombu. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading these fantastic Victorian CSI stories, today would be the day to get started. Holmes and Watson are some of the most globally recognizable characters in literature, of any culture. Everyone knows that famous silhouette. Many even believe in Holmes so thoroughly they think he's a real person! When Doyle was sick of writing Holmes stories, he killed him off ("The Final Problem" came out in the 1890s), and the reaction was insane! People wore black armbands in mourning, and the letters Doyle got! Emotional letters, calling Doyle a murderer, asking how dare he...can you imagine? The only other literary phenomenon that even comes close to this today would have to be Harry Potter.

Do whatever you like to celebrate the birthday of a great writer today, but some of it must include reading his work! So school's out--this is fun reading, not work reading. :)
Image is the original illustration of Holmes and nemesis Moriarty from The Final Problem.
Videos are: 1) Doyle himself talking about Holmes and his interest in psychic phenomena; 2) Part 1 of a Bonzuko fave: The Solitary Cyclist. Jeremy Brett was the best film Holmes ever.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Weekend's Local Fun

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which in Boulder means the Creek Festival, the Bolder Boulder race, and Jenn's parents' anniversary. Lots of excuses to party, basically. But then, in Boulder we always welcome any reason to enjoy a microbrew outside. Heck, we don't even need a reason.

This Weekend's Events:
Friday: NinjaFit at the Boulder Quest Center, 5:45-6:45pm. Last week, Aimee Heckel from the Daily Camera came in to sample the class and write a story on it. Rumor has it that this Friday there'll be a photographer to add to her story. Come by if you want to be fit and famous!
Saturday and Sunday: Boulder Creek Festival: see Jenn help out the Boulder Quest Center with some demos on the stage. Shop at artists' booths and eat good foods.
Monday: The Bolder Boulder: an annual footrace in Boulder. Celebrate by raising a mimosa to the TV footage of our beautiful city. Or, okay, you can walk or run it if you're local and you want to...
Image is Jenn's parents celebrating their anniversary last year.




Harriett's habitual hunger humbled honestly after wholly consuming a hundred jalapeno hamburgers in an hour. ~Jason

Seitan?!? or Tofu?

Due to the outrageous response to our recent celebrity comparison, we posit the following without comment. Except that we are the first to point it out to the world!
Images courtesy:


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Movement Pic

It's time again, for a randomly-clicked-on picture from the Bonzuko movement archives...drumroll please...and it's...

The Sword Day of the two-day stage combat workshop Jenn did for the 12-year-olds doing Twelfth Night last summer! Last summer's Advanced Stage Combat students had the opportunity to help out. This pic is Jenn and Ken demonstrating the steel swords for the kids.



The little white scooter shall facilitate my daily commute. ~Jason

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



I cannot condone needless cow-towing to mamby-pamby, wishy-washy, know-nothing, know-it-all imbeciles. ~Jason

The Trouble With Tribbles

Ok, no disrespect. But seriously ... is
Susan Boyle trying to take advantage of the recent Star Trek hype? Decide for yourself.

Susan, keep hiding those ears with the Princess Leia doo, and you might get a date at the local sci-fi convention.

O'Brien image courtesy this link
Boyle image courtesy this link

By the way, if it's not Scottish, it's crap. ~Jason


What is this thing?!?

It's a paperweight from who knows where or when or why. Jason picked this up at an estate sale in Boulder a while back for about a dollar for two matching paperweights.

The flaked texture appears to be gold flakes, and it looks really cool in person. There is a felt bottom on each weight, plus a weird emblem floating near the top of each one. What the heck is this?

It sort of looks like a Bat Signal, or a golden razor blade with a Bacardi emblem.

Anybody got some input?? Anyways, gold is good. ~Jason

Farewell again to Chris

Like a famous opera diva, Chris D. left last semester to work for the Order of the Mouse, but then returned for a farewell tour as Stage Combat Club member and camera operator extraordinaire. Now he's retiring again (okay, so it was just to finish his last semester of school and go back, but this is more colorful), so we all say bye-bye to Chris. We hope that you end up in some awesome stunt show, or doing cool tech for one, and making piles of money. Good wishes. ~Jenn

Image is Chris and Jenn enjoying the brand spanking new MSCD swords. Ignore his thumb--there's so much wrong with that...

Sketch of the Day

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Dumb Thief

Maybe this is why I like stories about master thieves--you know, the old folktale about the thief that steals the manor lord's wedding ring and sheets out from under him, the Robin Hood variations, Arsene Lupin, Sherlock Holmes, Reynard the Fox, colorful Wild West outlaws, the Thief computer game... I've always loved the clever-thief archetype (which is why I often have stories about them here on Bonzuko's blog).

Could my love for clever thieves be because they are so very rare in real life?

BTW, Boing Boing is a stellar blog that is self-named "The directory of wonderful things." I concur. I would like to have a pint of homebrew with all those guys. ~Jenn

Gnarly as a Fiction Fractal

I love this. ~Jenn

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Latin

in toto
- on the whole, completely.


Friday, May 15, 2009

National Bike-to-Work Day

Here in Colorado, we have Bike-to-Work Week in June. But for the rest of the country, today is the day everyone should dust off their spandex, pump up their tires, and get a little cardio with their commute!

As we have said once or twice before, every day at the Bonzuko hombu is Bike-to-Work Day, or at least no-car day. Try biking at least partway to work today, and then ask yourself: could you do it every day? Could you live without your car? How would your life change?

Seeing so many car companies going under, and so many people (especially here in The Best Place to Live Well, according to Forbes) concerned about restoring a ruined environment, gives one pause. Is the car dead?
Image is of the Bonzuko family bike, loaded with groceries. Just a normal day of errands...

Thief 4!?!

The engrossing, well-written Thief games have been a favorite in the Bonzuko household since Thief: The Dark Project first came out in 1997. Now the game is up to three (anyone know how we can play 1 & 2 on Jenn's laptop w/Vista, please let us know!), and unfortunately Team Bonzuko was convinced it was the end of the franchise.

Not so! Read this article that stellar blog Boing Boing linked. It's an overview of the games, the studios that made them, and some delicious confirmed news about the new one! Highlighted quote: "[Thief's] influence on modern gaming remains enormous, effectively introducing the idea of stealth and non-violent first-person action. It also remains a singular experience: none of its imitators have come close. For many people, there is only Thief."

There is "only Thief" for us. We don't know whether to say "hurry up" or "take your sweet time and make it amazing" to Eidos Montreal. Some of both? Thanks to Ragdoll Metaphysics for the article, and Boing Boing for paying attention! Image was yoinked off the Thief website.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black Belt Questions: Addendum

Mary Casey had some questions about the Black Belt answers I illustrated earlier here in the Bonzuko blog. She and Kevin asked respectfully that I reiterate and expand on certain aspects of my previous post, and I am happy to oblige, both for their and my illumination.

Question One came across to the Caseys very differently than my intention. Here is the essence of my previous answer: My knowledge of technique detail is quite good. That's it. I didn't mean that I had nothing left to learn. Martial arts is a lifelong study, and it's only after a lifetime that one should ever claim mastery (which I certainly do not). My knowledge of the little details of ninpo technique has added to my continuous learning anew through To Shin Do. The biggest difference I can relate as far as my first day at the BQC compared to my previous training boils down to zanshin. I look at the video of my shodan test in ninpo taijutsu and any number of test videos in TSD and the difference is enormous. I don't have samples for you lovely lurkers other than the two images here (and those hopefully should say something towards this paragraph). I have a lot more firm warrior spirit, I stay "in character" and I have much more confidence now than I did then. My knowledge of detail has just been a helpful step in the right direction, and a way to train from square three or four instead of one. As far as physically, I am more fit and my kamae is consistently stronger now than it was then.

2. I have re-posted two pictures: one from my shodan test in 2003, and one from the recent SKH seminar at the BQC, here in this post so you can see the difference.

3. In my earlier post, I postulated that I disagreed "with the 'no grinning' clause" in the Black Belt Quality handout. I didn't go on to averr that I assumed the handout referred to goofy laughter and not the sort of joy I wrote about. I think we all agree that goofiness with a lack of focus isn't warriorship. Real joy is. Suppressing laughter is just as detrimental to good training as is a distracting joker. Hopefully all you lovely lurkers assumed that also, but it's nice to say it outright and be sure.

4. Lastly, Kevin-san asked that I respond a little about the difference between my ninpo training and my To Shin Do training. Particularly getting a TSD black belt as compared to my ninpo taijutsu black belt. This is a pretty involved answer, and I'm not sure I may not want to post a whole new post just about this. Certainly I touched on what a TSD black belt means to me in my essay for those testing me. As far as the difference in training... One of the differences I've noticed most has been in the level of detailed correct technique (ninpo) and a general capacity for strength and quality (TSD). I would not say either way is better, but that my experience with both has added to my improvement and excellence in both. Ninpo was steeped in kata (what we called kihon) rigorous practice and especially lots and lots of ukemi (what we called taihenjutsu) practice. If I had one wish about TSD it's that it had more emphasis on all taihenjutsu from day one. In ninpo, we did all break falls and all rolls every class as a warmup, and I sincerely think that's some of the most valuable training anyone can have. If I had one wish about ninpo, it would be more free response, or what ninpo folks call randori, as soon as an intermediate level or further was reached. Though free response in the dojo is still a relatively staged experience, it still gets one in a different emotional space than kata practice, and I have discovered it's likewise invaluable.

5. Now that I'm practicing in the upper levels of colored-belt TSD, I get a taste of the best of both worlds. I'm starting to be asked for more detail in my practice along with the demands of free response at the drop of a hat. All ukemi (taihenjutsu) have been taught at this point in my TSD practice so I can have more experience with all of them.

6. In conclusion, I am proud and happy with my TSD experience, and look forward to my next test and especially the test after that. I also appreciate the warm and supportive network the Quest Centers offer to all their practitioners. In addition, I bow to the Genki Kai for the amazing new world of martial arts they introduced to me and others through the ten years I was with them.

Please, comment here if you'd like to discuss this and/or related topics further. The martial arts (especially IMO the ninja arts) are a constantly relevant, organic practice. I welcome your comments, and I hope if you want to hear more about any of this that you'll speak up and ask. ~Jenn

April's Test highlight reel

Here 'tis: thanks to Kevin for editing it up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Giving Ninja a Bad Name

Check this article out:

Calling this guy a "ninja" perpetuates a lame stereotype. But I guess a real ninja would appreciate the maintenance of mystique and distraction what from what they really do. It makes me sigh anyway. ~Jenn

Green Commuter

Former Stage Combat student Jason Braddock wrote a paper recently for another class about commuting to and fro MSCD. He interviewed Bonzuko's own Jenn about the subject. Here's an exerpt of what he had to say:

"Fifty dollars in gas and 15 hours spent in the car every week -- is Metro worth it? For many students who commute from outside the Denver metro area the answer is yes. The main reason these students sacrifice so much is because Metropolitan State College of Denver is their best option. ... It is not just students who commute from outside the Denver metro area. Jenn Boughn, who teaches theatre and English classes makes the trip to Metro from Boulder. Boughn depends on public transportation. 'I have no car, I have no license,' Boughn replies when asked about her commute 'I pay around $40 a month for a bus pass, and that's a tiny fraction of what car maintenance, purchase payments, gas, insurance, and parking fees cost.'
On days that she teaches Boughn spends about one to three hours a day on public transportation to make it to Metro and back from where she lives. She tries to set her teaching schedule so that she only has to be on campus three days a week.
Boughn usually teaches three classes each at both Metro and D.U. To make this schedule possible she teaches a few classes online. 'The transportation is usually not an issue.' said Boughn although she cites the time that RTD went on strike leaving her trapped in Boulder.
'I have to have everything for my entire day packed when I leave the house, including anything for the weather.' Boughn said. During the semester that she teaches stage combat that can include a six foot bo staff. Think of the quarter staff Little John from Robin Hood carries and you understand what she is bringing on the bus.
Long distance commuting is a way of life for many people at Metro. They are characterized by grabbing a quick bite to eat between classes. Often having only the fifteen minutes between classes to get things done. They have refined scheduling to an art minimizing the amount of time they have to spend on campus. Most of the time Metro is only a small part of their busy lives."

Thanks, Jason, for asking! Hope you get a good grade! ~Jenn

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday's Exciting Event

The Stage Movement students (THE 3220) at MSCD have been working hard all semester on various forms of movement for stage and how to create characters using physicality. Their class will culminate in a final exam performance of Dr. Seuss stories this Saturday the 16th on campus. Bonzuko's own Jenn was the professor this semester, and had a great time! Hard to believe the semester is over already.

What: Stage Movement Final Exam (Dr. Seuss Emsemble performance)
When: 10 am Saturday May 16th
Where: ARTS building room 271, Auraria campus, downtown Denver

The students will be graded on what you see. This is one of the funnest finals you're likely to experience.


The last MSCD Stage Combat Club meeting consisted of shooting for a lightsaber-themed short podcast to celebrate the upcoming summer class. I was going to wait to post this until I had lightsaber special effects, but why? :) ~Jenn

Monday, May 11, 2009

Even the guy who can't think said something!

“A teacher opens the door, but you must enter yourself.” – Chinese Proverb

Who is there? It’s a teacher, and a student. The teacher’s role is to present learning modules structured towards personal enhancement. A seeker should take initiative to explore and embody the module for all it is worth. It is insufficient to merely acknowledge an opportunity; to make it meaningful it is necessary to dive right in.

A cultured person must recognize and seize opportunities for growth. Without growth, the mind becomes at first a fortress and later a dungeon of seclusion. If there is no motivation to pass through a doorway of knowledge, that doorway may as well be a moat of raging lava separating this fortress from the rest of the world.
The world is rich with lessons and stories and passions of many kinds. To turn away from these things is to miss out on life itself.
Life has many doors, leading to rooms of wonder and delight. These rooms often lead to bridges which in turn lead to even more doors. If the doors are open, it may be interesting to explore what lies on the other side. Knock, knock!

Word Cloud

Have you seen these? Go here and enjoy the play with words. This is the cloud from Daily Cross-Swords.

Sketch of the Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009



"Tattle me this, is Starkist Tuna truly the chicken of the sea?" - JAS


Random Latin

mea culpa
- my fault. I am to blame.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

MSCD Stage Combat Club Spring is done!

Good semester, all! We in the Stage Combat Club had a great semester, how about you?
We made some great podcasts and began some other fun projects this semester.

The next two big movement arts events that I'd encourage all Stage Combat Club members (and everyone else) to attend the following:

THE 3220 final exam performance: May 16, 10am in ARTS 271 on campus.
Lightsabers Class: June 4 - July 30 on campus. Thursdays 12:30-2pm.

To conclude, here's the latest instructional podcast made by the MSCD Stage Combat Club of Auraria. Titled: flying and falling.

Friday, May 8, 2009


VoWoD -

"Let the koala partake of the ubiquitous eucalyptus."


Boing Boing Fight Clip Club

Check out this podcast from stellar blog Boing Boing about upcoming film, Ninja Assassin. There's some great fight clips and talk about stunt actors vs. CGI.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Movement Pic

From the Bonzuko movement image archives,
today it's Jenn in the 1996 production of CSF's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The director, Joel Fink, made the whole play into a 1950's era dream of lead character Hermia. Sort of a "Hermia in Wonderland." The mechanicals wore bowling shirts, and Puck had an Elvis pompadour and silver leather jacket. We four fairies had giant poofy prom dresses and puppet heads with bog wings. We sang 1950s radio style and could blink the puppets' long eyelashes as we did so. This is Jenn as Peaseblossom.
Why is this a movement pic? Joel would ask we fairies to imagine we were little floating things like the cottony stuff that always falls from the trees here in the summer. It was a challenge to have that quality and be wearing such a large dress, unwieldy wings, tight corset and a heavy puppet head on our arm. And heels. We tended to sound more like cattle as we skipped onstage than cotton, but can you blame us? :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Silly Potter

Since it's Week 7 in my DU Harry Potter class and Harry Potter week in the live MSCD Children's Lit class (the online kids just finished with him), I've got the bespectacled wiz on the brain. Shall I write an intellectual review and critique the series using all my education? Shall I construct my own brilliantly conceived and stylized fiction in the Harry Potter Universe?

Nope. I'm posting a viral video that makes me laugh aloud. Here ya go. ~Jenn

I'm having embedding issues, so click the link, not the pic. ~Jenn

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Swords

Today I and a couple privileged members of the MSCD Stage Combat Club got to see the 20 new swords Denny Graves made for us! They're obviously very well-made (it's Denny after all) and they are quite varied as far as style. This fall's MSCD Stage Combat class (THE 421C for those registering) will be the first group to put them into practice!

In earlier versions of the Stage Combat Beginning class at MSCD, we worked on three different weapons: unarmed, staff, and sword. Now that the class will soon become a "real" course (not a Variable Topics), I have changed the curriculum to just unarmed and sword, the two most likely ways of fighting an actor will run into. Stay tuned for advanced classes that will incorporate the staff. Enjoy these pictures of MSCD's lovely new set of swords. Thanks Denny, and thanks Megan and Cookie for making them happen! ~Jenn

Monday, May 4, 2009

May the 4th be With You!

Today is Star Wars Day. Yep. Too bad the Stage Combat Club isn't meeting, eh?


Well, if you speak the title of this post aloud, it sounds just like one of the most famous lines from Star Wars. Try it.

Today, don your Storm Trooper or Boba Fett hoodie, put on your Darth Vader or IG-88 mask, take out your lightsaber, and take a picture. Email your picture to Bonzuko. We'll compile the pictures and see which one wins the people's ovation and fame forever.

For more on Star Wars day, here: entertainment Today's your day, Star Wars fans

Advanced Stage Combat: lightsaber technique
June 4th - July 30th 2009
Auraria Campus (though this is NOT a college credit course--anyone who has had a stage combat, stage movement, or martial arts class may take it)
Price: $200 (discount for MSCD Stage Combat Club and BQC members)
Be there, young padawans!

Image is of Jenn and John with lightsabers. I have a bad feeling about this...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Theatre Review

Back by popular demand, the ensemble performance class revisited Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, a play combining Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I have reviewed this lovely performance before, but here are the highlights from the redux:
  • The pace, while tight and seamless, was borderline breathless this time around.
  • The repeated scenes bothered me in the last production--in this one they seemed to fit. And the banquet scene as recap also worked well.
  • Bonzuko's own Jas nailed the last very gentle "scented rushes" speeches with enjoyment of the poetry and rhythm of the "boat."
  • Kudos to Jessica E. who was in class rehearsing Seuss all morning then went straight to this (very similar) show directly after.
  • Many of the actors used too much volume, rendering the complex language incomprehensible.
  • Big Scott was on today! His Old Oyster and his Mock Turtle were highlights of today's show!
  • Humpty Dumpty and the Jabberwocky were both still some of the coolest physical images I've seen.
  • The White and Red Knights' fight and falling were also highlights once again. Jas as the White Knight mimed his awkward armor very well. Martial artists and stage combatants take note of Justin's giant dive roll and Jas' beautiful break falls.
  • Tea Party scene once again stellar. Brian is a gifted physical comedian, though I missed the use of his rabbit ears illustrating the clock.
  • Nice work on adding the Croquet Scene last-minute! It was seamless and well done. I noticed some of the lines were a bit off, but maybe that was just because I knew how last-minute it was. So much fun to hear Linda's red-faced scream, "Off with his head!"
  • Brian's flamingo was one of the funniest moments of the afternoon, especially seeing Kris as a tree attempting to fend him off.

Nice work, everyone--it was as delightful this time as it was last! ~Jenn

Random Latin

post scriptum
- written after, the familiar (P.S.)


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sketch of the Day

a random comic book page called "Howlets" from 2004. If it's too small to read, click on it to make it grow. ~Jenn

Friday, May 1, 2009

To Shin Do Black Belt Question

As I compile thoughts and inspiring quotes for elaborating on the last question on the To Shin Do Shodan written test, I realize much of what I'm writing would be of benefit to you lovely lurkers who come here to read about the movement arts and how they shape our world.

Why do you think that you should receive a To Shin Do Shodan black belt?

The center of my answer is that I've earned it. How so? To elaborate, I went to the "Black Belt Quality" section of the Special Testing Procedures handout to see if I could positively, honestly live up to the elements of black belt quality detailed there. I've condensed and answered them below. The image is from my Shodan test in ninpo taijutsu, August 2003.
  • I understand the purpose of the technique / can demonstrate knowledge of technique details. ~I can say with confidence that my understanding has been there from day one (probably because of ninpo training), and my knowledge of details is vast. Any details I have missed, I make a point to focus on and refine in training. It helps that I'm not starting from square one.
  • I rely on unified body movement / retain control of my balance. ~In the past, when I've observed myself in photos and videos of myself moving, I notice that I tend to get cut off at the waist. The cause of my lack of focus on my lower body is no doubt due to my bad knees. I have seen this improve more and more, until the most recent footage I've seen of my movement has shown centered balance, bent knees, and aligned spine for optimal power.
  • I demonstrate mental focus /concentrated fighting spirit. ~Look at the picture in the Nexus post below: that's focus. I practice zanshin consistently. However, I must respectfully disagree with the "no grinning" clause I see on this handout. On the contrary, the joy and laughter I foster when teaching or practicing is an essential facet of warriorship. It's one of my best attributes, and is central to being a ninja. Shoto Tanemura said that the heart of a ninja should be "as peaceful, joyful, and lovely as that of a flower" (Ninpo Secrets). Stephen Hayes said it plainly in the recent Nexus interview: "it's fun; there's a lot of laughter." I'm all about laughter as power.
  • I am ever carefully observant of safe and controlled technique practice. ~As a Stage Combat instructor, safety is key. So is doing techniques correctly as far as execution/effect. The balance of these two things makes for a good partner either onstage or on the mats.

To close, here's a verse from an old handout from Shoto Tanemura:

If one holds a sword,

one's spirit should be like a sword,

If one holds a staff,

one's spirit should be like a staff,

If one holds nothing but air then

one's spirit must be as air.

Nexus article

Nexus magazine interviewed Stephen K. Hayes when he was out here last for his seminar at the BQC. It's a great article--read it here. But most importantly to Team Bonzuko's own Jenn's giant actor's ego, the second of two pictures featured in the article! Fierce! Okay, well, she was concentrating. Very hard. What?