Sunday, May 3, 2009

Theatre Review

Back by popular demand, the ensemble performance class revisited Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, a play combining Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I have reviewed this lovely performance before, but here are the highlights from the redux:
  • The pace, while tight and seamless, was borderline breathless this time around.
  • The repeated scenes bothered me in the last production--in this one they seemed to fit. And the banquet scene as recap also worked well.
  • Bonzuko's own Jas nailed the last very gentle "scented rushes" speeches with enjoyment of the poetry and rhythm of the "boat."
  • Kudos to Jessica E. who was in class rehearsing Seuss all morning then went straight to this (very similar) show directly after.
  • Many of the actors used too much volume, rendering the complex language incomprehensible.
  • Big Scott was on today! His Old Oyster and his Mock Turtle were highlights of today's show!
  • Humpty Dumpty and the Jabberwocky were both still some of the coolest physical images I've seen.
  • The White and Red Knights' fight and falling were also highlights once again. Jas as the White Knight mimed his awkward armor very well. Martial artists and stage combatants take note of Justin's giant dive roll and Jas' beautiful break falls.
  • Tea Party scene once again stellar. Brian is a gifted physical comedian, though I missed the use of his rabbit ears illustrating the clock.
  • Nice work on adding the Croquet Scene last-minute! It was seamless and well done. I noticed some of the lines were a bit off, but maybe that was just because I knew how last-minute it was. So much fun to hear Linda's red-faced scream, "Off with his head!"
  • Brian's flamingo was one of the funniest moments of the afternoon, especially seeing Kris as a tree attempting to fend him off.

Nice work, everyone--it was as delightful this time as it was last! ~Jenn

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