Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Movement Pic

From the Bonzuko movement image archives,
today it's Jenn in the 1996 production of CSF's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The director, Joel Fink, made the whole play into a 1950's era dream of lead character Hermia. Sort of a "Hermia in Wonderland." The mechanicals wore bowling shirts, and Puck had an Elvis pompadour and silver leather jacket. We four fairies had giant poofy prom dresses and puppet heads with bog wings. We sang 1950s radio style and could blink the puppets' long eyelashes as we did so. This is Jenn as Peaseblossom.
Why is this a movement pic? Joel would ask we fairies to imagine we were little floating things like the cottony stuff that always falls from the trees here in the summer. It was a challenge to have that quality and be wearing such a large dress, unwieldy wings, tight corset and a heavy puppet head on our arm. And heels. We tended to sound more like cattle as we skipped onstage than cotton, but can you blame us? :)

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