Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green Commuter

Former Stage Combat student Jason Braddock wrote a paper recently for another class about commuting to and fro MSCD. He interviewed Bonzuko's own Jenn about the subject. Here's an exerpt of what he had to say:

"Fifty dollars in gas and 15 hours spent in the car every week -- is Metro worth it? For many students who commute from outside the Denver metro area the answer is yes. The main reason these students sacrifice so much is because Metropolitan State College of Denver is their best option. ... It is not just students who commute from outside the Denver metro area. Jenn Boughn, who teaches theatre and English classes makes the trip to Metro from Boulder. Boughn depends on public transportation. 'I have no car, I have no license,' Boughn replies when asked about her commute 'I pay around $40 a month for a bus pass, and that's a tiny fraction of what car maintenance, purchase payments, gas, insurance, and parking fees cost.'
On days that she teaches Boughn spends about one to three hours a day on public transportation to make it to Metro and back from where she lives. She tries to set her teaching schedule so that she only has to be on campus three days a week.
Boughn usually teaches three classes each at both Metro and D.U. To make this schedule possible she teaches a few classes online. 'The transportation is usually not an issue.' said Boughn although she cites the time that RTD went on strike leaving her trapped in Boulder.
'I have to have everything for my entire day packed when I leave the house, including anything for the weather.' Boughn said. During the semester that she teaches stage combat that can include a six foot bo staff. Think of the quarter staff Little John from Robin Hood carries and you understand what she is bringing on the bus.
Long distance commuting is a way of life for many people at Metro. They are characterized by grabbing a quick bite to eat between classes. Often having only the fifteen minutes between classes to get things done. They have refined scheduling to an art minimizing the amount of time they have to spend on campus. Most of the time Metro is only a small part of their busy lives."

Thanks, Jason, for asking! Hope you get a good grade! ~Jenn

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