Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Swords

Today I and a couple privileged members of the MSCD Stage Combat Club got to see the 20 new swords Denny Graves made for us! They're obviously very well-made (it's Denny after all) and they are quite varied as far as style. This fall's MSCD Stage Combat class (THE 421C for those registering) will be the first group to put them into practice!

In earlier versions of the Stage Combat Beginning class at MSCD, we worked on three different weapons: unarmed, staff, and sword. Now that the class will soon become a "real" course (not a Variable Topics), I have changed the curriculum to just unarmed and sword, the two most likely ways of fighting an actor will run into. Stay tuned for advanced classes that will incorporate the staff. Enjoy these pictures of MSCD's lovely new set of swords. Thanks Denny, and thanks Megan and Cookie for making them happen! ~Jenn

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