Friday, May 15, 2009

Thief 4!?!

The engrossing, well-written Thief games have been a favorite in the Bonzuko household since Thief: The Dark Project first came out in 1997. Now the game is up to three (anyone know how we can play 1 & 2 on Jenn's laptop w/Vista, please let us know!), and unfortunately Team Bonzuko was convinced it was the end of the franchise.

Not so! Read this article that stellar blog Boing Boing linked. It's an overview of the games, the studios that made them, and some delicious confirmed news about the new one! Highlighted quote: "[Thief's] influence on modern gaming remains enormous, effectively introducing the idea of stealth and non-violent first-person action. It also remains a singular experience: none of its imitators have come close. For many people, there is only Thief."

There is "only Thief" for us. We don't know whether to say "hurry up" or "take your sweet time and make it amazing" to Eidos Montreal. Some of both? Thanks to Ragdoll Metaphysics for the article, and Boing Boing for paying attention! Image was yoinked off the Thief website.


Paul Stuko said...

There should actually be an easy way to play Thief 1 & 2 on Vista. If you right-click on the application icon, then select "Properties", then go to the "Compatibility" tab, you should be able to run the program in "compatibility" mode for anything as far back as friggin Windows 95. Using that for my old PC games (Commander Keen!) has never failed me yet.

Bonzuko said...

I'll try that. You mean, do this before you try to install? ~Zuko

Jenn said...

No such luck. Thief Gold *almost* works, and Thief 2 won't even install. :( I'll see what the myriad of computer geeks on fb say about it. ~Jenn