Monday, May 11, 2009

Even the guy who can't think said something!

“A teacher opens the door, but you must enter yourself.” – Chinese Proverb

Who is there? It’s a teacher, and a student. The teacher’s role is to present learning modules structured towards personal enhancement. A seeker should take initiative to explore and embody the module for all it is worth. It is insufficient to merely acknowledge an opportunity; to make it meaningful it is necessary to dive right in.

A cultured person must recognize and seize opportunities for growth. Without growth, the mind becomes at first a fortress and later a dungeon of seclusion. If there is no motivation to pass through a doorway of knowledge, that doorway may as well be a moat of raging lava separating this fortress from the rest of the world.
The world is rich with lessons and stories and passions of many kinds. To turn away from these things is to miss out on life itself.
Life has many doors, leading to rooms of wonder and delight. These rooms often lead to bridges which in turn lead to even more doors. If the doors are open, it may be interesting to explore what lies on the other side. Knock, knock!

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