Saturday, November 29, 2008

Level Up!

Once again, Jenn has leveled up her ninja guy to brown-white belt status. Friday was a very fun test, with the new BQC Demo Team performing for the first time, and Jenn and Kim enter the last color series before Black Belt. Highlight reel:

  • Jenn n Jeff unleash the steel.
  • Free response in "wind" element
  • Thanksgiving leftover snax afterwards. What a party!

    Pictured: Jenn n Jeff Demo Team practice; Jenn has way way too much fun beating up other people's children.

Good job, everyone, and thanx to Hollie for being my personal photographer. ~Jenn

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jenn Enters the Void

The next BQC testing event will take place this Friday the 28th. That would be Black Friday, though for Jenn it will be Brown-White Friday instead. Ha.
This should be an exciting event, as the brand-spankin'-new BQC Demo Team will be performing their first demo at this event, along with the normal black belt demos which are always a good experience.

Also, Bonzuko's own Jenn will be testing her way into the next element, the last colored belt series before black belt. At least, that's the plan. We'll see if she gets her testing stripe this week.

Either way, the BQC test event is fast becoming the place to be in Boulder on the last Friday of the month. Here are the details for November's test:

BQC test: Friday, November 28th, 2008
Little teeny kids ("mighty dragons") go at 5 pm
Youth and Adults go at 6 pm
Thanksgiving leftover potluck and party directly afterwards.
Map here.

Come celebrate and enjoy the display of martial art-y goodness, and cheer Jenn on as she embarks on the home stretch of TSD.
Image is of Jenn "dying stylishly" from a BQC demo back in early 2008. Naginata (Kevin) vs. katana (Jenn). Naginata wins. This time. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stage Combat Class Final Countdown

The MSCD Stage Combat class has been working hard all semester (since mid-August!!!!) and are now ready to present their final exam performances. The requirements are: they must integrate either a published or original scene within their choreography, and must showcase all three weapons we've learned this semester (unarmed, staff, and rapier). Come by to support them and have fun!

The Event: MSCD Stage combat class Final Exam
When: December 9, 2008 10am-12noon
Where: Auraria Campus ARTS building room 271 (map here)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey, guys, I have a great idea!

We were chatting in the MSCD Stage Combat club yesterday about the really stupid (or really sad, or both) stories of stage combat gone awry or gone missing. We wryly chuckled about some of these disasters and realized someone thought whatever-it-was was a great idea. So we came up with a danger phrase:
"Hey, guys, I have a great idea!"

This phrase was, no doubt, the inciting incident for this Julius Caesar debacle in Aspen (pictured):

...and this Dracula tragedy in Texas, which I actually wrote about in the book: well as a stabbing I heard tell about at UCD? Someone who knows the facts comment here and let me know what really happened. Oh, and of course, the demise of Brandon Lee:

So if you hear someone uttering the above phrase, or this one: "I know what we can do!" Run away. Far away. :) ~Jenn
P.S. If we were to make a Darwin Award for stage combat blunders specifically, what would you name it? Comment here please, and we'll institute said award once we have the perfect name.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hey fellow lovers of this crazy English language! A new word has entered into the dictionary. Not the American slang dictionary, no, but the real live Collins dictionary of Britain. The word is:


The dictionary defines it as, "an expression of indifference or boredom, or an adjective meaning mediocre or boring."* Use it this week to commemorate its promotion of status into a real word. Or buy the "meh" hoodie at I'm seriously considering it... ~Jenn

Friday, November 14, 2008

More Awesome Falling

Jas and I were watching genius Weird Al Yankovic last night--a compilation of videos we own. We were reminded of an amazing feat of break-dance-slash-prat-falling skill of a dancer in the video for "Dare to be Stupid." The video and song is obviously a parody of '80s techno-weird group Devo, as well as social commentary. The amazing faller I'm talking about is the masked, yellow-panted guy in the carpeted room. He shows up a couple times throughout the video. Once, it looks as though he lands right on his collarbone, though--see what I mean?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Algorithm March

Jason Braddock was asking about this infamous viral video (is it viral yet? I dunno...) that I absolutely adore. It begins to make sense (?!) when the ninjas join in. The dance is from a children's show called Pythagoras Switch from Japan.

And I think that Mr. Braddock has a BRILLIANT idea for using this choreography in an upcoming play he's directing. I'll tell you all if he gives me permission to. You never know, he may want to keep it to himself till it happens. Brilliant idea, though!!!

Now, I originally fell in love with this dance because of the ninjas. But it looks like this show does the Algorithm March all the time, with different groups of people. Here's them doing it with a soccer team: And here with boxers/wrestlers: . So much fun--it's a delightful movement puzzle that just makes me happy!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Movement Pic

It's just because I feel guilty for not having posted in so long. Sure, it's getting to be the end of the semester. Sure, I've just been sick. No excuse! To attempt to assuage my guilt, I am posting a random image from Team Bonzuko's movement background. As I type, I don't even know which it will be. Here's the random image drawing now, ready? ...

Oo, another RenFaire picture! This is (L to R) Tom Bag o'Donuts, Timothy, and me in 1997. This is the end of a silly Bugs Bunny joke that went something like this:

US and THEM are fighting, the MAYOR comes and stops the brawl.

US: But they started it!

THEM: Did not!

US: Did so!

THEM: did not!

US: Did so!

THEM: Did not!

US: (pause) Did not!

THEM: Did so!

US: ah-HA! *picture taken here.

We are armed with: (L to R) rapier & sword cane; rapier; and cloak. ~Jenn

Monday, November 3, 2008

Movie Review

Well, it's a TV review, actually.

Looking at all the media the Bonzuko household regularly had going on,* of course we always are on the lookout for good stage (well, film) combat. Jas recently got into the comedy "My Name is Earl," and since I have joined him in watching this, I have been struck by many things all at once. Everything just seems opposite to what you normally get on television. Let me explain:

First, the acting is really good. Sure, it's a bit commedia-over the top, but everyone is so well characterized and there are actual, real, honest moments in the show. No, really. Good acting on television. I went to acting school, I know what I'm talking about.

Second, the premise is so positive and sweet, the writing poignant, weird, and hilarious at all the right times. Wait wait, you're saying (I know you writers out there are perking up): a sitcom that's well-written?? Not possible! Oh yes, say I, and not only that but the show actually celebrates kindness, goodness, generosity, and in general trying to treat others well. The premise, you may or may not know, is that of Earl, a petty criminal and all-around ne'er -do-well that gets hit by a car directly when he gets a winning lottery ticket. He then sees Carson Daly on TV talking about karma, and he reaches an epiphany. He makes a list of everyone he has ever done wrong, and sets out to repay them in kind. The first repayment he makes, he regains his lottery ticket, ensuring he can live on just his karma and his list indefinitely. So each episode, of course, is another event he's attempting to scratch off his list. He has a myriad of supporting characters that are as colorful as you can imagine. I mean, what movie or TV show these days celebrates love and redemption like this?

Third, there are several actors who are excellent physical comedians and good movement people, and every role I could suggest to any of my Stage Movement or ninja-enthusiast students as a study in physically embodying a role. One of them, Darnell the "Crab Man," played the Rubberband Man in those Office Max commercials; one of the best clowns I've seen in a long time. And the stage combat, when there has been some, has been excellent. Great speed, a minimum of edits, realistic yet perfectly safe-looking. And for the most part it looks like the actors do most of the fighting. Highly recommended.

The bottom line: My Name Is Earl: **** out of *****. ~Jenn

*We have recently decided to nix the television. We lived sans TV for a few years when we first moved in together, and we decided the many dollars we pump into our cable wasn't worth it. We'd be working with mindless stuff going on in the background. Any TV shows we need to see we can easily catch online or through Netflix. And most of the time, it'd be best if we had a film or some music on anyway. We're very excited about this new phase in the Bonzuko hombu. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

SKH & Ninja Gaiden II

Saw this the other day on Stephen Hayes' blog. Quite enjoyable!

Ninja Gaiden II Video

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

How was your Halloween?

I got to dress up for class on Thursday, and I also wanted to get better for next week. So I spent Halloween evening and night into the witching hour eating candy, making merry, and playing Titan Quest with Jason and some of our friends online. It's a RPG game with an Ancient Greece theme, and we felt like we put on really cool "costumes" by making Halloween-themed characters and playing "trick-or-treat" in a virtual land. It was great fun, and I do feel nearly all better. Happy November, everyone! ~Jenn

MSCD Club: October

The MSCD Stage Combat club has been meeting Tuesdays 11:45-12:30 on campus, in the King Center dance studio, and we've been working on whatver the students want any given day. Remember, guys, this is a student-run organization; I'm just the resident expert. Some of the things we've worked on include variations or further explanations of techniques from class, as two of the men are in it now and the other two were in it before. Things like: other ways to twirl your staff, how to safely lift others and other wrestling-type safety issues, and knives knives knives!

I dig these un-sharpenable knives from Century: they are durable, good-looking, and I can get them easily from the BQC. They look so cool, in fact, that a campus policeman showed a group of us his real knife, held it up against these practice ones. Folded, they were so alike we could have switched knives without noticing. Open, of course, his blade looked quite a bit different! Now they also have bigger ones that look like Bowie knives that come in sheaths.

MSCD Stage Combat Club are: Nate, Jason Braddock, Nick, Ken, and Jenn. Right now, anyway. :) See you next week, fellas--bring your questions.