Saturday, November 1, 2008

MSCD Club: October

The MSCD Stage Combat club has been meeting Tuesdays 11:45-12:30 on campus, in the King Center dance studio, and we've been working on whatver the students want any given day. Remember, guys, this is a student-run organization; I'm just the resident expert. Some of the things we've worked on include variations or further explanations of techniques from class, as two of the men are in it now and the other two were in it before. Things like: other ways to twirl your staff, how to safely lift others and other wrestling-type safety issues, and knives knives knives!

I dig these un-sharpenable knives from Century: they are durable, good-looking, and I can get them easily from the BQC. They look so cool, in fact, that a campus policeman showed a group of us his real knife, held it up against these practice ones. Folded, they were so alike we could have switched knives without noticing. Open, of course, his blade looked quite a bit different! Now they also have bigger ones that look like Bowie knives that come in sheaths.

MSCD Stage Combat Club are: Nate, Jason Braddock, Nick, Ken, and Jenn. Right now, anyway. :) See you next week, fellas--bring your questions.

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