Monday, April 27, 2009

Highlights From Friday

How to begin, how to choose from so many great pictures? Friday's belt test at the Boulder Quest Center was 1) enormous, and 2) exciting as all get-out. Remember recently when I wrote about what must have been the biggest test ever? Yeah, no. This one was huge! Highlights from the evening included:

  • a million billion White/Yellow students getting promoted. Earth Power!
  • So nice to see Ian and the Santa Fe (wait, is that where they live?) crew back again. Those guys are so good to work with, and we're all glad Ian will be local soon!
  • Kim's demo went very well, with Bonzuko's own Jenn as uke. Ukemi extraordinaire!
  • Back-to-back free response! This was Jenn's favorite part!

Images from the event: Jenn kneeling on a guy's kidney (Ian, we think) and Kim facilitating Jenn's air break fall. A fun time was had by all.

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