Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Movement Pic

Going to the file folder now...drumroll around in the file....oo, got one! Ta-da! And it's...A picture from my piece of 365 Days / 365 Plays back in 2007 when MSCD did a week out of it in August. My "short play" was almost exclusively movement-oriented, and so was right up my alley. The actors had to crawl the length of the quad, on the sides of which were the other plays. An audience member would walk down the sidewalk, and then stop at each play in a row. My crawlers/rollers moved down the line in tandem with the audience, and did their focused bit there on the grass when it was time. It was a neat venue for this sort of thing--the backdrops being Victorian houses and grass. The audience moving from play to play was neat too--like walking through an art gallery. OMG, does that mean I've done performance art?? :)

MSCD actors: if you recognize yourself in this picture, comment here.

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