Monday, April 20, 2009

This Week in Stage Combat

Spring Fling is happening this week at Denver's Auraria campus--tables and booths will abound all over the quads, with foods and goods for sale as well as all manner of school groups showing off their stuff. It's a way to be festive and let loose a little as the semester winds to a close and the weather starts to make us not want to be in a classroom.

The MSCD Stage Combat Club of Auraria will be there, showing live demos, taped events, and showing off their new mascot. Wednesday go bug Nick and Nate, and on Thursday come throw a fake punch at them or Jenn. If you're interested in the club and just never got around to stopping by a meeting, this week's your chance to let us know. We'll be brewing summer and fall schedules the next few weeks as well, so do drop by.

Affiliated Events:
Summer 2009 Advanced Class: lightsabers!
The Club is on Facebook--check us out.
Fall 2009 Fundamentals class: basic unarmed and sword for college credit.
New swords as of Fall 2009!

Nick Bove freaking rocks for designing the club mascot: Parrot Punch!

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El Presidente said...

Thank you, thank you! No Flowers, just send money! Okay, Fall Fest ROCKED!!! If we get even a small percentage of the people who showed interest, it'll all be worth it!!