Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday's Exciting Event

It's that time again--time for folks at the Boulder Quest Center to test for their next belts, demo it up, and uke for each other. This is a party not to be missed!

This month, there should be a few exciting demos happening (tentatively some from Bonzuko's own Jenn, but don't quote her on that), and lots of folks testing for their next belt rank. And potluck after. Fun stuff.

Here's the rundown:

Boulder Quest Center Test Nite
Tiny Chitlins: 5pm
Bigger Chitlins and Adults: 6pm
Potluck after. Maps and other info here.

Be there or be a trapezoid! Image from last month's test: Jane is very bendy.


Kevin Ji-Keitoshi Casey said...

One of the best parts of our community is celebrating each others' successes - many of us have now trained together for years and we can really share in the triumph when one of our friends takes it to another level. Also, at this point, every minute Jenn Zuko spends in the dojo is defining and refining the meaning of her To-Shin black belt, approaching ever closer as the seasons turn.

Bonzuko said...

My blushes, Kevin-san!
Also an update: I'm uke-ing for Kim in a demo tomorrow, so do come by and celebrate. ~Jenn