Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Depp + Burton + Carroll = dark goodness

Kinda like dark chocolate. Continuing in the Alice-in-Wonderland-is-haunting-Jenn vein, here's a picture of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Apparently Burton's upcoming Alice will be in 3-D, and, well, if you've seen any of his flicks you'll be happy to hear the pithy puzzling weirdness of Lewis Carroll's world will marry well with Burton's Goth-like celebrations. Here's an article from the LA Times from a while back where Burton discusses Alice. My favorite quote:

With "Alice in Wonderland," the defining pop-culture version of the story for modern American audiences is the 1951 Disney animated adaptation with its little blond Alice in her blue dress with white pinafore. That film was met with acidic reviews by the literary world (especially in England) for its bland and blunted vision of the Carroll classic. Burton is not a fan of the film, either, and, as with "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," it appears his mission is to reclaim a children's classic, resharpen its edges and remind everyone that sapping the weirdness out of a tale often renders it flat and forgettable.


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