Thursday, March 19, 2009

School for Falling

All you slope-addicts are probably thinking about Natasha Richardson right now, or at least you should be. There's a Colorado school (besides Bonzuko's courses) that specializes in training folks how to fall safely. It's called Camp Woodward, and Team Bonzuko found them first on channel 2 news. What they are is a giant barn that trains gymnasts, BMX-ers, skiiers and snowboarders (and I'd imagine anyone else) how to fly and fall. Their giant barn facility (ooo I'm so jealous) has Olympic-grade trampolines and huge foam pits for landing in, as well as indoor slopes and rails. Check out their photo slideshow and enjoy.

As we continuously say, being able to fall is singly the most important aspect of movement arts one can learn. Especially we who are involved in martial arts, stage combat, and stunts. We at Bonzuko can teach you, but will also celebrate anyone else who does good work in this area.

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