Saturday, March 28, 2009

Event Highlights

Friday was another test nite at the BQC. As a brown belt, I'm required to test at every test, whether I get a new belt or no. For some reason, this particular test made me ridiculously sore. What, martial arts makes you sore?? I don't understand....

Here are some of the highlights from the 3/27 belt test:
  • lots of free response
  • Jeff needs to stop sharpening his knees--I have a dark purple bruise
  • Keegan gets his sword kihon
  • being thrown by Thomas is always a pleasure
  • the insanely spicy rice Jas made for the potluck! Thomas calls it the "weapons grade" rice

Good job, and congrats on the new belts, everyone! ~Jenn

Thanks to Robbie for the pics! Images are: Jenn beating up children again, sword action with Keegan and Thomas, Jenn hitting Keegan's glasses off. Good times...

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