Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pirate Sketches

I got some positive reactions from the last sketch I put up, so here are two more. These are a cast of characters and "extras" from a piece of pirate fiction I worked on in graduate school. I'll try to keep the sketches I put up here at least vaguely connected to the movement arts. Which of us actor-combatants doesn't want to be a pirate, eh?


El Presidente said...

Sweet!! I love to see drawings by other people! My favorite character is that dude on the far left of the lower image. Guy looks like a zombie with the face all shrunken in. Bet he's the cook or something since he doesn't seem to be the type to be out in the sun much. Also, the lower images are my favorite as well since there is a woman pirate! She looks to be the captain too since she is in the middle. Awsome, can't wait to see more!!

P.S. Check your MSCD e-mail for important club info!!

Bonzuko said...

OMG I forgot I have a few *real* artists looking at this blog! Eep! Thanks so much for your feedback. I never thought of that guy as the cook--I think you're right.