Monday, March 2, 2009

Stage Combat Club February

The main thing we got done in the first two months of the year was to get officers elected and to get official. Now that we're official, a lot of cool things can happen. Like:
  • Getting space all our own in the Tivoli for our meetings and events
  • Getting food for above
  • Getting our very own podcast started
  • Getting a filmographer/editor paid for for above
  • Getting out there in cyber-space
  • Getting together with other groups for events
  • Getting a table for Spring Fling
  • Getting travel fundage in case we need it (a moment of silence for RMTA)
  • And stuff!

The other main thing we have begun is work on the podcast. We have an outline set for the first two (the safety warning and the first technique one); it's even cast etc. Jenn is writing a couple blurbs for it, and we should be able to start rehearsing/filming this coming Saturday!

See you then. I'll also have seen the swords Denny is making for us, so I'll have news there too. ~Jenn Image is Jenn head-slamming our now-club-president, Advanced class summer 2008. Nick, why are you smiling?


Nick said...

Aw man, I am smiling! Must be having too much fun to notice that my head and the floor are about to meet. Actually, it might be the combination of my trying to wince and a joke being made off camera. Oy!

Anonymous said...

Or the simpler answer: you are a masochist.

- Scott (MacGuffininabox)