Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Swords for Metro!

I went over to Denny's yesterday (that's Denny Graves, not the restaurant), and he showed me the pile of SWORDS he's been working on for the MSCD theatre program and stage combat club. Of course, he being Denny, they looked and felt fantastic, and I was happy to hear about his process and what he was planning with the rest. He had two complete when I went, and some parts of others ready. I'm not sure I can express my excitement through this bland font!

There will be several swept hilts, and several shell (or "transitional") hilts--he also said he'd make a few matched pairs and a couple ambidextrous ones for my lefties. I liked hearing about how he was going to play with and experiment with some of the fixtures. When you are able to commission a great artist like this, it's a really good idea to let them have some freedom with what they're doing for you. Like going to a good sushi restaurant: if you ask a skilled chef to make you something from his own choice, it can be an amazing experience.
All in all, I (again) can't wait for these. You MSCD folks that are taking the class in the Fall are a privileged few--you get to be the first ones to use these works of useful art. ~Jenn
Images: a complete swept hilt sword, full-length and hilt close-up; just a swept hilt waiting for its blade. Thanks to Denny for allowing photos!

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