Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"It's boring, but it's part of my life." - Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

Weight training is good for my body. People who don't lift usually have good reason. Injuries, egos and boredom are the top three reasons. I'm not here to judge your motivations. But if you feel less than superheroic, I highly suggest checking in with your doctor to see if you can handle a weight training program. Even light lifting has too many benefits for me to bore you with here.

Since youth I've always kept playfully active and in pretty excellent shape. Last year was mostly business ... lots of time in the office chair. Out of serious conditioning for about 8 months and disillusioned with some truly crappy gyms around the area, I finally found 24 Hour Fitness last November. Since then I've kept up with an outstanding regimen created by Coach Glenn A. Morris at MSCD, and it has really taken effect.

It's easy to stay motivated when your health club has a good atmosphere and you see results from your work. Otherwise it can be really tough.

Have you had a lame experience at a workout facility? Tell us about it! Let it out. Was your last place owned by a "White Tyra Banks" with a catty gossip fetish and a husband with a professional title of "Gym Bitch" ... a gym with no HDTV and outdated cardio equipment? Did some roid-freak trainer physically hurt you through an intimidation workout? Did you get sore one day after training and just couldn't handle it anymore? Bonzuko wants to know.

Safe & Happy training to ya! ~Jason

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