Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time Lapsed Violence

I'm watching the Discovery Channel show called Time Warp today, and they showed some behind-the-scenes of a couple different stunts. The premise of the show is to take high-speed cameras and film cool stuff way slowed down. I have enjoyed this show very much in the past, so to tempt you into catching it yourselves, I have posted three links to clips that have something to do with stage combat and/or the martial arts. ~Jenn

The first is a real slap to the face. Those of you who have read my book will remember the "Unlucky Thirteen" things that can happen to you if you allow your precious face to be slapped onstage. You can see even more clearly in this slow-mo slap clip (hey that's a VoWod!): Time Warp Slap

If you think the slap is bad, check out a punch: Time Warp Punch

And finally, a super-cool katana slice through rolled-up tatami. I believe this is the sword guy from Bugei: Time Warp Samurai

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