Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nomination #3

Since it's Darwin's birthday today, of course we have to post an "I've Got a Great Idea" award nomination. Today, it's:

Another stabbing. The infamous Dracula Stabbing in Texas, which opens Chapter One of my book. Anyone have any better ideas? post here or to any earlier nomination entries.


Nick said...

Ah, sadness... Really, other than the Ceasar bit with the boot stabbing, I cannot think of anything else that deserves this award more.
The article talks about the lawsuit that followed the incident, and while I agree that the actor was only following the idiot suggestions of those in charge, this SHOULD be the one point in time where an actor needs to put his foot down and let people know that a real weapon is NOT a good idea, despite what the director says. As actors, it is taught that the director's ideas should be at least tried before changes should be made, but when they are this stupid, I believe that an actor needs to speek up long before any risk of serious injury. In other words, This should NOT have happened, and all the more reason to teach stage combat so people can use some sense in these situations.

Bonzuko said...

This is one of the main reasons why I wrote the book. Though one should always use a professional, just opening my book and looking something up is better than this travesty.

There's no reason to be in danger like that, ever. Working on stage is dangerous enough, then adding stage combat to the mix bumps it up to "extreme risk." That's plenty, without it being "stupid risk."