Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stage Combat Club News

We had elections yesterday for the MSCD Stage Combat club. Remember, you don't have to be a Metro student, you can be a UCD or CCD student to play with us. The new officers in charge of our staged mayhem this year are:
President: Nick B.
Vice-President: Scott M.
Treasurer: Nate T.
Secretary: Geri C.

Congrats, officers! Go get your paperwork done! And blog lurkers, keep your eyes open for our presence online even more! We heard whispers of podcasts, demo events, and the Spring Fling to name a few. And I forgot to ask you guys about T-shirts. We should totally get some made, wouldn't you agree? ~Jenn

Folks who met to pretend to beat each other up on Valentine's Day: Nick B., Nate T., Geri C., Aaron R., Roberto M., Tom G., Paul S., Scott M., Chris D., and of course Jenn was in charge.


Nick said...

Hear ye, Hear ye, this is your new President speaking!
(Aw yes, haming it up already)
Anyhoo, just letting everyone know that Nathan and I went to the informational meeting on Tuseday and were nearly crushed under the amount of information we were given! Thankfully we have packets, and forms, and (thanks to Scott) a potential Advisor for our club! This Saturday I will have the paperwork that must be filled out and turned in at the Student Services room, so all key club members need to be there! Nathan is busy trying to get as much money together for whatever projects we can think of to do, as well as a movie idea for all interested. Scott has pod cast ideas set up and ready. Events on the horizon. The ball is moving people!! Let me know if there is anything else we may need and lets get going!

Bonzuko said...

Yay! How exciting! ~Jenn