Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friday's Exciting Event

Well it's that time again--the last Friday of the month is nigh. That means it's Testing Night at the Boulder Quest Center!

Though the Demo Team has gone on a temporary hiatus, there will still be exciting black belt demos, and Bonzuko's own Jenn will be testing for her next belt!
Come see the testing, and stay after for potluck snax and a day-before-birthday salute to Jenn. :)
Boulder Quest Center Test Nite February:
5pm: Mighty Dragons (little weensy kids) test begins
6pm: Youth and Adult testing and Demos begin

Map and directions here. Image from Jenn's last belt test @ BQC.


Keegan Shorrock said...

Testing for solid brown, ehhh? I sense some Black-Belt shenanigans in the making. Though it will be hard for Kevin to attack you in the dressing rooms! :)

Bonzuko said...

That's assuming I get my red stripe today. We'll see.
Yeah, Thomas and Kevin will have to leave the dressing-room attacks to Mary. :)