Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nomination #2

I can't decide which of these knife debacles to nominate for the "I've Got a Great Idea" awards. Comment here and tell me which one of these two should be in the running:

Vienna Stage Knife Mistake

Et Tu, Brutal Injury?


ken said...

I'd go for "Et Tu, Brutal Injury?" (awesome title). The one from Vienna sounds like he was actually doing the scene. The one in Aspen was just a spaz.

Ah, the spaz. So tragically funny that it's not... er... even funny? Without them the world would be less tragic, but also less funny. And who the hell wants that?

Bonzuko said...

I liked the Vienna one b/c some moron replaced the stage knife with a sharp one and just "forgot" to make it a safe blade. Huh?

But Mr. Reed was in charge of the whole show, including directing and fight directing. So that's even worse, I suppose.