Sunday, February 1, 2009

Testing Night

On January 30th, a giant horde of To Shin Do students tested for their next belts, and then replaced their calories with potluck fare. It was hands-down the largest belt test I have ever seen. BQC folk, comment here and tell me if it's in fact the biggest test you've had.

Highlights of January 30th testing night:
  • Martin's 'stache (well it was a highlight for me)
  • Conrad's fierce zanshin in free response
  • Jane Bright being really fricking amazing
  • Simon also being really fricking amazing
  • Jeff n Jenn name the members of the new Demo Team: Kobe, Jane, Keegan, and Justin
  • Potluck yumminess afterwards. Yay protein!

Good job, everyone! Can't wait for the next Friday test the day before my birthday! ~Jenn

Images: the giant horde recites the Code of Mindful Action. Boaz gets a hon gyaku on Jenn

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