Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fight Clip Club

As much as I enjoy the Bond-ish ninja-esque-ness (!) of Jason Bourne, I find the fight scenes in the Bourne movies, though well choreographed, have way too many edits. See what I mean?


Bonzuko said...

I want to get the "back flip escape from omote gyaku" move down. !! Wow! :) ~Jenn

Calandez said...

The problem with some film makers today is wanting "push" the envelope on filming. The final Bourne series has a problem with keeping the audience dizzy with in the fight. They do this by shaking the camera, to give the "right in the middle of the fight" feel. This technique was used in the car chase as well.
While watching the clip over again, I found myself not caring about the movie, nor who actually won the fight, therefore losing interest in the main character. This unfortunately is a style that is starting to crowd in to movies in order to make up for lack of a good story.
The latest James Bond movie ran into this as film makers try to make Bond more gritty and "up to date". As much as i have enjoyed James Bond Films in the past and loved the character, i shudder to see that this type of film work is taking the place of storytelling.
unfortunately this has ruined good stories and potentially great fight and actions sequences by making the audience dizzy with the all the needless camera jerking.

Anonymous said...

While I do agree that the shaky camera technique is over used, I though that this fight was so well put together that the first time I saw it I honestly believed Bourne could lose. That is all I demand from an otherwise good trilogy.

- MacGuffininabox

Keegan Shorrock said...

Man, you NEVER see solid brass candle sticks like that anymore. And even less in shady hotels! :)