Thursday, June 26, 2008

Class 6/26

Hi all, what a great time we had today! Here's the rundown:
  • warmup: freeform stretches, emphasizing wrists and spine

  • review: stage safe falls, on hard floor

  • review: rolls and rolling break falls on big squishy mat

  • "bullet time" evasions with partners

  • fake arm bars and rolling out of them: fake ura and omote kote gyaku, and arm flick into fwd air break fall

  • hook punch evasion into swing (into roll or wall)

  • same as above, but knife slash or sword cut instead of hook punch

  • ground choke and partner roll (also on wall)

  • knife disarms: from slash and stab (catch and smack hand)

Next week, we start choreographing fights from all this stuff!

Here's a picture for Nick in his signage artistic endeavors. Hopefully you've got a good view of these swept hilts, Nick!


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