Thursday, June 19, 2008

Class 6/19

What fun we had today, eh? We didn't have the big Roll o' Mats, but we went and got a big squishy crash pad and a punching bag obstacle which worked even better for our needs today. Here's what we did:

Warmup: Headstands and Handstands and Yoga balancing

On Squishy Mat:
  • Roll Review

  • Rolling breakfalls

  • Air break falls!! (yes, you really did these!)

On Floor:

  • Unarmed blocking (hook punch, ducking)

  • Isolation Unarmed and with knife

  • "Sword Evasions" with knife

"Throws" on Squishy Mat (note the quotation marks):

  • Choke Throw (from behind)

  • Choke Throw (from front)

  • Arm fling to front rolling breakfall

There are more of these "throws"--we'll begin with them next week and go from there. And Hannah will do the Side Roll Variations! :) :D See you then!


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