Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Level Up!

So today I leveled up my ninja guy.

You know, how in RPGs you gain experience points and gold pieces, and you kill monsters and loot their awesome equipment and then your character levels up, thereby adding points to their attributes? Just did that tonight.
To Shin Do Green Belt Test: The Highlights:

  • Black Belt Demo: used a sword against Mary Casey, got disarmed and died.

  • Watched some beginner and intermediate folks do some stuff.

  • Heard Cherri's fist go "thwack" into Ben's abdomen.

  • Did some mediocre oni kudaki and quite good defenses against hook punches. Jeff B. went sprawling across the room, impressing family members of others observing.

  • Attacked Thomas twice with various things. Got kneeled on in the face. Safely. I know!

  • Oh yeah, did my ukemi from standing, which makes me excited for Stage Combat class tomorrow!

  • Black-and-tans at Murphy's and a late-night bus ride. Much Nano tuneage. Was chatting about how I'm so glad blogs (and YouTube) wasn't around when I was a young geek. It would have been bad. Can you say radio shows on cassette? Yipes!

All in all, very ready and happy about advanced taihenjutsu tomorrow. I hope lots of people come! Stay tuned here for notes on that as well!



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