Friday, June 13, 2008

Lucky Day?

Hey, isn't that a character from Three Amigos?

So I was thinking about it being Friday the 13th, and wondering if there was any tradition in the stunt or stage combat world re: this auspicious day and working in high levels of danger. Like, do stuntpeople not work on Fridays 13th? Or is it just a wimpy superstition that any self-respecting stuntperson would sneer at as they dangle from a moving car window?

Like any person in the year 2008 who wants an answer to a question, I went on Google.

I did learn something, though not the answer to my specific question. I didn't know that the stuntman for John Wayne was also the Jason Voorhees stuntman in Friday the 13th. Cool.

I also found this opinion article from the San Francisco Chronicle, about why we need stuntpeople more than CGI effects. Also cool. Here:

Finally, I found a Dutch study that asserts that Friday the 13th is actually not more dangerous and unlucky but in fact slightly safer, at least in traffic. Though there are more robberies. Go figure.


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