Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ancient Geeks, er, Greeks

Jason found this image online yesterday: it's a 20-sided die from Ancient Rome.

That and catching a glimpse of Code Monkeys on G4 the other day reminded me of an idea for a series of stage combat fights I had way back in my Ren Faire days: I thought it would be hilarious to do fights and use D&D dice. For example, a fight ensues, and some kind of impasse happens, or one character is disarmed. Then both characters, instead of dispatching each other with their weapons, whip out the dice. Whatever the dice say, the characters have to do.

Sort of like D&D Commedia: the actor-combatants would have a bunch of beginnings, middles, and ends that they'd know very well, so they could go with the dice flow no matter what.

In addition, I was also thinking of more of a video-game slant: like, the actor-combatants have belts with red and blue bottles of liquid that they can drink when they're hurt/tired....

Or is this more of a niche-audience thing? Am I the only one geeky enough to find this an amusing idea? The fact that G4 exists at all tells me maybe not, but...


ken said...

Great idea Jen! However this seems like the sort of thing that a 30 something and younger audience would appreciate, let alone understand. Anyone older would probably be left just scratching his or her head.

Bonzuko said...

30-and-younger geeks, even. That's why I was thinking it was too niche. Well I guess it would depend on the performance venue. At a sci-fi convention? Gold. At RenFaire? Hit or miss. At a film premiere? Not likely. Comicon? Maybe.