Thursday, June 12, 2008

Class 6/12

Hey, stunt-people! Here's what we did 6/12 in Advanced Stage Combat:

  • Ninja Dodging (using our falls and rolls)
  • Core Conditioning (including crucifix rolls)
  • Rolling practice
  • Rolls and Falls over and off of things
  • Tobi Ori (jump from a height to instant roll)
  • Sword Evasions: These come from my ninjutsu experience, and I have adapted them for use onstage. The complete series of sword evasions goes like so: 1. Overhead Cut -- Open like a door 2. Belly Darth Maul cut -- Either "Fosse" belly away, or collapse very low 3. Diagonal low-to-high cut -- lunge (and cartwheeel) 4. Decapitation -- duck and collapse 5. Cut to knees -- three-step knee evade 6. Cut to ankles -- ninja or tuck jump 7. Thrust to chest -- magic pivot: feet planted, open window

We'll do more with these, as well as do some blocking and Unarmed evasions next week!


We were vaguely considering a performance in Boulder on 8/14. It would be brief and in the evening, at the Laughing Goat coffee shop. Think about it, and I'll email those in charge sometime next week or the week after.


P.S. Um, what picture was I supposed to post up here? I forgot....


Dread Pirate Roberts said...

Okay,- i don't know what it is about stage movement and stage combat classes. no matter how much you seem to be in shape, you always seem to find muscles that you didn't think you had before. however, wouldn't trade it for anything. as we used to say in the military- "pain is weakness leaving the body." and how many times i hated hearing
it's amazing how much you start seeing in performances when doing something like this. i was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark last night and found myself taking notes on some of the fight scenes. not to mention wincing when stage combat is done on stage by those who haven't been trained. it's great!
this has also allowed me to start using this to create scenes not only with other scripts but also those that i am currently writing as well as print media.
if you haven't had a chance to do this- you need to.

Bonzuko said...

I hope I haven't ruined films for you forever. Or is it that you see them with more insight?

ken said...

I don't know if you would consider this, but technically Darth Maul's lightsaber is a staff with sizzly ends. At least it was until it gets cut in half and turns into a normal lightsaber.

Dread Pirate Roberts said...

i have been interested in film making since i was 10. i have finished my first performance on stage by then and was hooked in entertainment. when Star Wars came out it was then that i had wanted to work in film mostly in Special Effects. I was already am avid modeler, and usually would tend to build many of my own toys. it's not to say that i was poor, i just had the urge to build things.
as far as ruining films for me? far from it. my dad usually says something like "well you look at films differently than i do, don't you?" to an extent i do. but for the first viewing i treat it like anyone else...entertainment. it's when i get the DVD- that's when i study it. i tend watch the behind the scenes stuff more than the actual movie.
it's the whole process of putting on a production that get me fired up. it's the act of building something from nothing that is the best part and seeing all its transitions. and the first thing it starts with is the script. everything else comes later.
as far as watching combat on stage or movie, and having it ruined for me, never in a million years.