Saturday, July 19, 2008

Class 7/17

Hey all, here's what we did in Advanced class 7/17:

We warmed up by stretching and taking a walk on the high balance beam.

We reviewed the first 5 moves of the SAFD Rapier Drill that we know and love. If you forget this, look at Chapter 6 of the book. So now you're all ready to help with the kids next week if you so desire.

Then I got cornered by the very nice yet talkative Self-Defense guy from down the hall. You know, the one we steal the squishy mat from every week? He, by the way, welcomes any of you to come check out what they do, and vice-versa. My impression from our conversation is that it's a basic Self-Defense program that he has devised based on many different forms of martial arts. As always with beginning any martial art practice, my advice is to a) try stuff out and see what you like, and b) look into the legitimacy (lineage) of the teacher. So there you go.

While I was waylaid, the three guys composed a three-person fight added onto Ken and Chris' fight. I have called it "Art Appreciation." :)

We missed you, Hannah.

Next week is the Twelfth Night kids' class. Look in previous posts for dates/times, and have your PVC sword fixin's ready.

Also, save your money--I think it'd be fun to go have some snacks after our last class (7/31). But we'll talk about that.

And to conclude, I don't have capacity to access the pictures and videos I took on my cell phone for some reason--I need to call them. When I get them here on my computer, I'll post em. For now, practice your choreography. Remember, you're the Advanced students, and I expect you all to be good models for those who watch you next week. No pressure. :)


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