Friday, July 25, 2008

Class 7/24

Here's the scoop on class 7/24 (most of it observed by lunching kids--BTW, they really loved it. One boy in particular turns tome with shining eyes and says. "I love this!" Future actor-combatant!)
  • Roll, fall review: on squishy and rollout mats. Partnered and solo.
  • Sword evasions and decision-making
  • Roll to arm yourself (padded sword grabbing)
  • Fight rehearsal
  • added 3-person to 4-person fight and showed it off to the observers
  • showed other secrets by request: kneeling face kick, head slam, choke, etc.

We'll be filming our advanced fights next week, and it's our last meeting :(. Save a couple bucks so we can go out and celebrate afterwards.

See you then! ~Jenn

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