Friday, July 25, 2008

Twelfth Night Kids Part Deux

Think I'm crazy for putting swords into those kids' hands? Oh ye of little faith...

How awesome were they at learning the first half of the rapier drill?? I'm still in awe. Here's how class went went for these guys on 7/24:

  • Warmup: Jenn's Killer Warrior Sequence + Lunges
  • PVC Sword-making party (some of them really looked cool!)
  • Footwork: advance, retreat, pass fwd, pass back, lunge
  • SAFD Rapier Drill Part One: moves 1-5 (see Chapter 6 of the book)
  • Footwork + Drill + Overhead corps-a-corps
  • Show-and-tell with the real steel rapiers, and drill demo
  • Showing off our drills in partners. We can see how this will fit in Twelfth Night quite well!

Then, a bunch of them stayed to watch the Advanced Class do their thing. Very fun stuff! Overall, I'm sure you'll agree that this experience was a complete and total blast. Thanks to Chris, Ken, and Nick for helping with this phase of the workshop--I know the kids had a great time, and your help was invaluable.


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