Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Workout of the Week

Hey you lurkers, where have you been every Friday evening? If it wasn't at Ninja Fit class, read this article from the Daily Camera and feel ashamed! Team Bonzuko is proud of the praise Jenn received from Aimee Heckel of the Daily Camera, who reviewed her Ninja Fit class as the Workout of the Week. Many favorite quotes. Here's one:

"This is the only class I can honestly say I would ever do on a Friday after work, because it felt like an extension of happy hour -- literally, not with alcohol -- yet it's a great way to get in a workout before the night's debauchery."

Image is Jenn and Mary at the BQC: publicity shot for Ninja Fit.
Ninja Fit takes place Fridays* 5:45-6:45 at the Boulder Quest Center.
*Except the last Friday of the month, which is testing night.

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