Friday, June 5, 2009

Exit the Dragon ... or Han solo

"Man, you come right out of a comic book." - Williams, Enter the Dragon, referring to Shih Kien's character Han.

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Han was the coolest movie villain. Who gave Bruce Lee those wicked claw scars across his ripped chest featured in so many posters and stills? Han did. In fact, you might even say that Han shot first, metaphorically.

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That island and his minions were better than those operated by any James Bond baddie. His man Bolo was downright scary. Han's freaky ole hand switchouts with blades, bearpaw, and whatnot ... someone really ought to make Enter the Dragon into a modern videogame.

Today we morn the passing of 96 year-old Shih Kien, who played Han in Bruce Lee's most widely recognized movie. Rest in peace.

Check the above link to Comcast where you can read more about his passing.

And wierd trivia: Kien's voice in Enter the Dragon was dubbed by Keye Luke ... many many film credits including Master Po from the tv show Kung Fu...

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