Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Level Up!

Once again, Jenn has leveled up her ninja guy and has now achieved Brown-Black Belt in To-Shin Do. This means she's this close to a To Shin Do Black Belt. This close.

Highlights of the evening included:
  • A priest who's also learning to be a ninja. I know! Does there need to be a movie, or what?
  • Young Keegan levels his ninja guy up as well

  • Jenn's demo takes place within the confined space of an RTD bus. Kim is extra-creepy as a weird fellow passenger, and we find that headphones are a pretty good kusari fundo

  • Jenn and Kim are both injured, and yet kick ass nontheless. Think Yoda in Star Wars Episode 2. Hobble in, fight like a badass, hobble out. That's how ninjas roll.

Congratulations everyone, and thanks to our fans and ukes! And Marcus for manning Jenn's Blackberry! Images are from Jenn's demo. Don't it look like a bus?

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