Monday, June 1, 2009

Thursday's Exciting event

It's summer in the Boulder/Denver metro area! That means it's time again for the Advanced Stage Combat Class taught by Bonzuko's own Qui-Gon Jenn! Last summer was advanced unarmed and taihenjutsu (just check out the early days of this blog and you'll see the run-downs of that session). This year, the theme is:

We'll learn the ins and outs of Jedi-dom (or Sith-dom if that's how you are), and will have a great time using the Force as well.

Anyone who has had a MSCD or SAFD stage combat class, or a Bonzuko or a BQC martial arts class is eligible to take this advanced techniques course! Emai Bonzuko or just show up if you fall into one of these categories. Price is $200 for the 8-week session, or $175 for BQC or MSCD Stage Combat club members.

Thursday the 4th of June is our first class meeting, and we'll be meeting at the picnic tables outside the PE building on Auraria campus. Go to to find the map if you're not familiar.

I look forward to a fun session!!! ~Jenn

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