Monday, June 8, 2009

Cool Whips

This is a fun blog post from stellar blog Boing-Boing, about bullwhips. Specifically, the skill in using them and some of the best movie scenes involving them.

I remember way back when I was Geoffe Kent's SAFD teacher wing-man, and we did a lec-dem in an elementary school. Team Bonzuko does own a whip but I still can't crack it (maybe it's the giant flinching wince I do every time I try that's messing me up). Geoffe is a decent whip-cracker though, and he brought his along for this particular gig.

I was way on one end of the stage, and he was way on the other. Like, way far apart--way farther apart than the whip was long. He cracked it; I reacted as if it were a lash to the face. I thought there was no way it would look real--we were so far apart. Well, apparently it looked very real: the audience gasped and applauded when they saw my unmarked face. I needed to have more faith in stage perspective...

Thanks to for image of whip, and for image of Indy.

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