Thursday, December 4, 2008

Theatre Review

The 2008 Directing Projects at MSCD always astonish with the array and high caliber of talent that students can possess. I attended one of the two-night event, and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed. I'm not just saying that to be nice and supportive of my current and former students (and my husband). I mean it--I laughed. Really!

Highlights of the 2008 MSCD Directing Projects Part One of Two (The "Director's Dozen"):
  • Packed audience with much joyful loving energy--the ideal audience for a theatre actor
  • "Getting it Back"--big red bags symbolizing love hauled onstage
  • Lovely tango dancing between two of my former movement students
  • "Downtown"--Jose, Katie O., and Brady were brilliant as snooty literati with a twist ending so fantastically orchestrated I can't write about it in this blog
  • Some great naturalistic comedy by former student Rob and another student named Dan whom I was very impressed by: it's hard to not finish sentences when you're acting. It's also hard to really listen
  • "18 Holes"--current student Andreas directed, current student Scott and Bonzuko's own Jas acted in a 10-minute play that went through 18 holes of golf. Great freeze-frames and fantastic physical comedy timing as well as tender moments

Good job, guys! ~Jenn

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