Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stage Combat Final Exams

The MSCD Stage Combat class (THE 421C) performed their final scenes back on Dec. 9th to a small audience of fellow students and the one who was grading them--me! We had an even number of students this semester, so they all were in pairs, and all did really well showing their accumulated skills in staff, unarmed, and rapier. I posted one picture already from the event, but wanted to wait on the details until grades were in. Here's the rundown on the scenes:
  • Andreas & Noah: cranky teacher and rebellious student (hm...): loved seeing my textbook being used as a shield. Noah takes air (of course) and two nicely gory moments involving white tic tacs and blood on the white board.
  • Kris & Paul B.: Waiting for Godot: As a fight scene. With late knaps. 'Nuff said.
  • Rezal & Brady: Taming of the Shrew: Kate is infuriated with Petruchio's excellent avoids. some lovely status work, and combat waltzing.
  • Matthew & Chris: two well-spoken hobos fight over a nickel: Matthew also has some mad tumbling skills. Very good stage speed and escalated tension.
  • Mandy & Coco: "Lipstick and Love": two cute housewives go at it over a stained shirt. Really good staff work and some great hair acting. A comedic moment with a toy lightsaber. Line highlight: "Again? I'll get the tarp."
  • Jordan & Scott: archaeologists have an intellectual spat: the script had me rolling. Blue glitter is no doubt still everywhere in ARTS 271. Wonderful work with both holding the staff, also 2-rapiers vs. staff. A gruesome bite. Mummies and Treasure Quarterly.
  • Nate & Jason: "Brutally Honest": a period piece set at a reunion. Good throws and lifts, as well as an interesting way of using a duffle bag in defense. Much blood. See Nate's picture below.
  • Nick & Paul S.: "Ninja Monopoly": old-school kung fu movie line dubbed in by fellow actors. Excellent stage speed. Game board vs. staff. Bruce-Lee-esque blocks. Ground fighting.

All in all, I was extremely happy with everyone's work. Students can pick up their graded write-ups and detailed critique within the first two weeks of next semester. Good job, everyone,and I'll see you in January!

Images: Jordan & Scott on the cover of Mummies & Treasure Quarterly; Rezal & Brady doing Shakespeare; Noah & Andreas choking, flying, and punching. Taken 12/9/08.

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