Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Movement Pic

Another random drawing from the Unbeatable Bonzuko movement image archives. Drumroll please:
Ah! Another aerial picture from Jenn's past. This is me rehearsing for Theatre of the Vampires (I think--it might be just a class, but I see one of the death-skull masks from one of the dance pieces on the floor behind me). Year: probably 1997. The low-flying trapeze is one of my favorite movement arts I've ever been involved with. It takes a lot of strength but also centeredness and flexibility, especially to be able to smoothly travel from floor to feet to air to ropes and back again, which is really the magic of the low-flying trapeze. I danced with these folks for almost four years, and then got into grad school and had to drop it. Jas also danced with them for a little while. Cynthia probably took this picture, so thanks to her!

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