Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just like the game!

I've been playing my favorite game, Thief (when I haven't been grading finals, that is), and came across this news blip from comcast. This is weirdly cool--just like that one level in the game, with the spooky ghost that makes you find stuff in the abandoned insane asylum, and the nightmare music is playing, and you get trapped... I wonder what was going on with this guy. Maybe it's the adrenaline of burgling. Maybe it has something to do with the brightest full moon in 15 years. ~Jenn

Odd News - Malaysia burglar stuck for 3 days in haunted house

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Bonzuko said...

This link is broken now--the article was about a thief who was trapped in the house he was burgling by (he said) a supernatural being, or ghost. He claimed every time he tried to leave, the ghost would push him to the ground. He was found by police 3 days later, scared, hungry, and dehydrated. Anyone find a recent article about this?