Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stage Combat Club: November, December

December 2nd was our last MSCD Stage Combat club meeting of the semester, so anyone who is or wants to be a member, stop by this blog for news etc. about its doings and future plans until we meet again in the Spring.

The November meetings mainly have consisted of Nate and Jason Braddock rehearsing for their final fight for the class (see a couple posts below for that event's details), and Ken had some fun "adjudicating" them. We also had some more discussion about the Algorithm March and upcoming RMTA event in February. Jenn (and MSCD colleague Jay Louden) will be teaching two Stage Combat classes at the RMTA this year on Friday Feb 6th, so keep your ears peeled about that. The RMTA is up in Durango this year, and should be a pretty fun trip!

So we'll see you in January, everyone! Check your school schedules and look at Tuesday afternoon possibilities for meetings.

The MSCD Stage Combat club were: Jason Braddock, Nate, Nick B., Ken, and we welcomed new member Nick W. of UCD into our fun. BTW, I found out that it's totally kosher to include any students from all three schools on Auraria campus into our club, Metro-sanctioned though it is. We look forward to Spring semester. Happy break!


P.S. Special shout-out to Ken for manning the last-minute RMTA application wrangle. You rock!

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